Danny Hughes is an energetic and enthusiastic voice over artist who combines many areas of expertise to offer his clients the best in the business (and I had the pleasure of learning a lot about the voice over biz!) Using his years of acting and teaching dedication, he brings a powerful approach to his work, and this was something we wanted to showcase in his branding.

While Danny’s voice appeals to a variety of listeners, it is often the business or sound techs that are hiring him. This meant the branding had to be playful yet trustworthy. The font is a customized sans serif with curved edges to give it a slight playfulness without feeling like cartoon.

We wanted to stay away from obvious symbols, like a speech bubble. We realized the explanation mark (!) was a great fit. Danny is always wearing something blue; it just happens that he has a lot of blue! Since this was already of trait of his, we decided to make it his core brand color.

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