junior designer

Harris Ryder

With over 15 years working + teaching in the industry, Jamie is bringing the 90’s nostalgia and creative community to Jelly. You can catch her listening to Spice Girls and eating Nutella (or Dunkaroos)

owner + creative director

Jamie Wheeler

Harris brings to life the Jelly brand with his illustrations and creative ideas! You’ll catch him watching Sabrina and Sailor Moon re-runs.

From the classroom to the Youtubes, Mrs. Wheeler is the quirky design teacher you didn't know you needed! Learn about design history and fundamentals with her unique and fun videos.

design educator

Mrs. Wheeler

watch lessons now!

Meet the creative freelancers and contractors who have kept Jelly Creative Co. running smoothly. We work hard, push creative boundaries, and always make time for a laugh!

our creative collabs

MICHELLE NORTON | admin + social
storia studios | Video production
GENEVIEVE O’KEEFE | ui/ux design
rachel frizzell | graphic design
hailey guit | graphic design