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At Jelly Creative Co. we are here to breathe life into your brand so that it reaches more of your people by increasing exposure and sales. We work with creative-minded businesses who’s DIY brand just isn’t cutting it. We also work with existing killer brands to enhance what’s already there.

We have what we like to call approachable straightforwardness. We are casual and relatable but we aren’t here to waste your time or beat around the bush. We engage curiosity so that you can be absolutely ready to crush your market.

You’ve got enough on your plate, let us do the dirty work then we'll bring you in for all the celebrations!

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Here are a few ways we create or evolve your brand:

happy clients

“It was like Christmas morning when we opened the boxes and saw our printed pieces! We went on two listing appointments in that first week and the sellers were not only very impressed when we pulled out the booklets, but got both listings too!” 

- Melissa Westerlund | The Westerlund Group

Jamie has an uncanny ability to understand your brand vision and share it back to you in a marketable, succinct and clear manner that helps you get crystal clear on your brand identity.

- Misha Vanyer | Your Well Guide

“Not only was the process super organized and easy, but I learned so much! Not just about website design, but about what it takes to be a creative entrepreneur. The entire process of molding and shaping this space on the internet helped me understand what my company really is and how I want to run it.”

Jessica Nero Designs | Interior Designer

“The branding Jelly Creative Co. created perfectly embodied our group’s essence that I would have thought Jamie was a founder, herself. It can be difficult to entrust something in which you’ve invested to the care of another, but I knew our project was in good hands!”

- Katie Aguilar | Diocese of Dallas


After we have researched, strategized, and chugged Yoo-hoo, we start the creative process. From initial concepts through refinements, you’ll see your project come to life.

Since we’re all about setting our clients up for success (and to bring in those dolla dolla bills), you’ll end with clarity on how to let your designs out into the wild world. 

step three

Listen, we are going to ask tough questions and fun questions. We want you to get the most out of our time together, and that starts with the introductory and strategy phases.

The only surprises we are about is a cosmic brownie in your lunch. You will always know next steps, timeline, and project details. 

step two

Once you complete a project form, we will touch base with questions and availability. We want to take time to learn about you, your people, and your businesses needs. Chances are, at this point we will already have a big friend crush on you. ;)

We customize each quote, because no two projects are alike. Once approved we sign dotted lines and get to work.

step one


start my project now

What are your hours?

What are your hours?

We communicate with clients 9am - 4pm ET | Monday - Friday.

Can you design just a logo?

Can you design just a logo?

If you are seeking just a logo, we encourage you to consider the longevity of your business. A brand is the umbrella under which a single logo may fall under. There are many visual elements that create a cohesive and impactful brand. Using brand strategy, we build a powerful brand that will speak to your audience and convert them into customers!

What if I need my project now? Do you have a rush-fee?

What if I need my project now? Do you have a rush-fee?

This is all dependent on our current project schedule. Each project is carefully planned out into a timeline. After hearing your project needs, if we have the space in the schedule we'll provide a custom quote with a rush charge included.

Do you offer an hourly rate?

Do you offer an hourly rate?

We don't! We use value based pricing, also known as a flat rate. We are always open to discussing collaborative design needs and seeing if a Design Day option will work best for you.

What is the best way to communicate?

What is the best way to communicate?

Start with the project or contact form. From there we'll use email to get started. During your project we will utilize a project management website (Asana or Notion) with scheduled phone/video calls.

What if I need more revision rounds than what is in our contract?

What if I need more revision rounds than what is in our contract?

Clear and detailed research in the discovery phase has constantly proven less refinements later in the process. Being on the same page early on about what refinement means helps make the most of the process. Should you need more revisions, we will continue with a refinement fee that is outlined in your contract prior to the project.

Is the down payment refundable?

Is the down payment refundable?

Nope. Your down-payment locks your project into the schedule. We only take on a certain number of projects at a time so we can be fully focused on each client.