Are you wondering if your design skills are good enough?

Do you feel like you're faking it til you make it?

Are you undercharging because you didn't get a design degree?

Do you feel like an imposter in the biz?

Are you exhausted from wearing too many hats?

Becoming a Better Designer will be your secret weapon to radically changing the future of your design career. Over a six week period, you’ll master key skills typically learned in a design degree program - and have fun along the way!

Instead of spending thousands of dollars and years in large classroom-style education, you'll get the skills of a formal design degree through small-group training.

If you’ve answered yes to any of these, it's time to increase your design skills, confidence, and prices!

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Once you sign up, you get immediate access to the introduction module as well as our course Slack group. Think of this group as your go-to for community, support, feedback, live sessions, and more.

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Each module is jam-packed with resources, downloads, templates, assignments and, of course, laughs. With our course, you get way more than just a boring video lesson and did we mention lifetime access to content?

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Once you sign-up, you'll gain access to the entire course! We encourage taking one module each week for six weeks, but you can go at your own pace, starting and stopping any time!

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Bonus: If you’re thinking of taking this course to improve your day-to-day skills at your job, this counts as professional development! Ask your company if they would consider paying for you to become a better designer. Especially when you tell them how much a design degree would cost otherwise.

💰 A graphic design degree can cost anywhere between $50,000 - $150,000* and takes years to complete.

With Becoming a Better Designer, you’ll get the entire course for $175 and be done in six weeks! Most students make this investment back (and then some) with one design client! 

Your time is valuable. Make the most of it and register for this course to learn the tips and tricks you need to be a better designer. 

* 2020

Speaking of, how much does it cost to become a skilled designer?

Back to Basics

Mrs. Wheeler's Classroom
Color Theory + Physhcology
Grid Layout
Design History Overview

module 1

Design Process

Mrs. Wheeler's Classroom
Getting a Design Started
Finding Your Style
Getting Constructive Feedback

module 2


module 3

Mrs. Wheeler's Classroom
Typography Basics
Type Term Quiz
Some Font History
Finding + Using Fonts

Get Organized
+ Official

Mrs. Wheeler's Classroom
File Types
Organizing Files
Backing Up Designs
Owning Your Work

module 4

Adobe Programs

Mrs. Wheeler's Classroom
Adobe Programs Overview
General Adobe Quick Start

module 5

your work

module 6

Mrs. Wheeler's Classroom
Sharing Your Work
Playing Nice
Learning More
A Bit About Business

A peek at your syllabus! Here's what you will learn in the Becoming a Better Designer Course

The Course Curriculum 

You'll also get the woman behind Jelly Creative Co! She has 15 years of experience in the industry, a Bachelors of Arts in Graphic Design, five years of teaching experience, and a passion for helping you succeed. As one past student put it, "Her encouragement changed my life."

Let’s just say she has a little Mrs. Wheeler in her too!

JAMIE OF JELLY creative co.

Meet Mrs. Wheeler - a quirky graphic design educator who makes learning fun! (If you watched the course trailer, you’ve already met her!)

Mrs. Wheeler

Wondering who your teachers are?

Genevieve is a jack of all trades but we’ll be soaking up all her UI/UX knowledge! She brings a whole new perspective and approach to web design that will help designers of all levels. We’ll even get to pick her brain about the latest and greatest Adobe program, XD.

Genevieve O’Keefe

Jess of White Coffee Creative is a designer, muralist, and business mindset coach. She’s taken what she’s learned from running her own design studio and is sharing it with other creative business owners so they can get paid, they right way. She’ll be helping us to make pricing and business practices feel much less scary.

Jess Langley

Melissa of Sweet Daddy Designs creates brands backed with serious strategy, she also knows how to pick the most badass fonts out there. She’ll be dropping her knowledge on how to choose a font that’s beautiful but also powerful for clients and their brands.

Melissa Perkins




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One time payment of $175 gets you access to the course today!

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The community aspect (group chat and live sessions) was a big selling point for me and was the deciding factor for when I decided to sign up. I think both are such an invaluable addition and knew it would help push me to the next level. I knew getting feedback, especially from other designers, was so important.

— Kim | 2020 Course Student

you'll see the IMPORTANCE of Community 



I absolutely love your teaching style. It is so personable and I feel like Jamie really cared about the course and the people in it. This wasn't just a money grab and I appreciated that. She brought real value without making us feel restricted.

— Tati | 2020 Course Student




This course gave me the push I needed to put a big project in motion. It helped me bring new skills to the table. It has also been very helpful in my job working with social media marketing. Becoming a Better Designer is a crash course in design basics and best practices to help get you on the right track in your design career!

— Mikaela | 2020 Course Student




Jamie is a great teacher and makes sure you are mastering your skills as you find your own personal style. I fell in love with all things design and now have a job as a full-time graphic designer. Her advice and encouragement changed my life. I don’t think I would have continued to pursue graphic design if it wasn’t for her teaching.

— Jenny | Past Student





What if I’m not a designer, don’t have much design experience, or am not a business owner? Is this course right for me?

What if I’m not a designer, don’t have much design experience, or am not a business owner? Is this course right for me?

Yes! This course covers everything you need to get started, to grow your business, and the bits in between. Whether you're a proven designer or newbie, the education will help you take your design skills to the next level!

What if I’m already a pretty good designer? Should I still join?

What if I’m already a pretty good designer? Should I still join?

Absolutely! The modules are designed to cover subjects that will help you go from good to great. Plus, we’ll go beyond design elements with topics like business, ownership, and growing a portfolio.

Do I need Adobe programs or any other software to participate?

Do I need Adobe programs or any other software to participate?

Great question! You can complete the course without the software, but will get the most value out of the Adobe Module if you can practice in the programs. If you don’t have the programs there are two options: watch and keep notes for when you do, or download a free seven-day trial during that week of the course.

How long will I have access to the course content?

Do I need Adobe programs or any other software to participate?

How does forever sound? Course students not only get unlimited access to the course content but will get any course updates and additions that come out in the future!

What if I don’t live in the U.S.?

What if I don’t live in the U.S.?

No problem! You’ll be able to access the modules on your own time. The weekly live sessions will be scheduled in a U.S. timezone but can be accessed later if they aren’t convenient for you.